"Clients should hire her just to access her brain."

Don't hire Zafira. I want her all to myself. Okay, seriously - hire Zafira if you want a creative strategist who gets the vision behind your project and can execute at any level, including brand messaging, conversion copy, and creative direction. The way she built out a framework for the brand messaging guide we created was so impressive. I wouldn't have been able to string together all of the ideas the way that she did it. Zafira's got it all: the brains, the writing chops, and the professionalism. She's a creative genius in my opinion, and I know she'll be famous in a year or less.

She's the full package - and one of the best collaborators I've ever worked with. She cares. She gives a damn about her work. She's easy to work with. And she thinks strategically about her work. The way she thinks through a problem is unlike anyone else. Clients should hire her just to access her brain! Her writing chops, creativity, and design experience are bonuses.

— Kira Hug, Kira Hug Media, Inc.


"Zafira delivers outstanding conversion copy!"

I've had loads of copywriters do work for me, and it’s such a gamble on what they will deliver… I was looking for someone who would fit my business culture and values, writes amazing conversion copy, can come up with creative ways to hook the reader AND who delivers on time and on budget. 

Zafira checks all those boxes and more. The quality of her copy is some of the best I’ve seen!

She takes what we give her and perfectly interprets the voice of our clients, the key pain points and delivers outstanding conversion copy that helps us create successful campaigns for our clients. She delivers on time every time and communicates really well with our global team across different time zones.

If you’re looking for someone who will value you as a client, deliver outstanding copy and is simply a pleasure to work with, Zafira is your girl!

— Salome Schillack, Founder of Shine & Succeed

stefania_bradner_zafira rajan

"I’m looking for any reason to hire over and over again…"

Our businesses are our babies — they are fragile and mean the world to us. From beginning to end, I knew I could trust Zafira with the copywriting for my growing business vision.

I was fearful that my whole message wasn't something that could ever be made digestible for anyone - instead, Zafira made my message so clear that it's perfect for my ideal clients, and who I am behind the brand wasn't lost at all! She made it seamless and fun, and the entire process was so holistic and enjoyable. I felt no stress and could trust that I was being taken care of.

Now, I’m looking for any reason to hire her over and over again! And I tell everyone who gives me a chance to speak that Zafira is a wonderful human, who has this intense capacity to capture your voice into your message and transform it into readable copy that you honestly could NOT do better on your own.”

— Stefania Bradner, CEO & Principal at Flow With Stef

bianca gignac italian fix

"A dream to work with."

Zafira has been such a source of inspiration and new ideas for our team. I trust her insight and ideas immensely. Very intuitive and reliable human who's a dream to work with. Hire her!

— Bianca Gignac, Founder of Travel Beautifully Media, Inc.


"She captured the real me."

Zafira was just AMAZING to work with. Not only is she super clear with timelines and tasks (she’s very thorough and will deliver just as she promises) but she’s just so good at what she does! I was so surprised at how quickly Zafira was able to capture the real 'me'. Her ability to string words together that capture the essence of what you're trying to create is incredible. I was so in my head about a lot of my copy, and she took that pressure off my hands and quickly produced something I was incredibly happy with! 

— Kiran Chatha, Life Coach

mia scuric zafira rajan

"The best copywriter I have ever worked with."

I was worried that my message for my business retreat sales page wasn't clear and as a result, wouldn't convert my audience to sign up. Zafira reviewed my content in her Copy Cleanse thoroughly and made it more clear, exciting and relevant! I found it extremely beneficial, as it provided so many professional edits to my site that I couldn't have done alone. Zafira is truly the best copywriter I have ever worked with, and I'd love to work with her again in the future.

— Mia Scuric, CEO & Founder of Travelpreneur Tribe

christina thelin zafira rajan

"Zafira took my website copy to a whole new level."

Zafira is a fantastic partner. She really took my website copy to a whole new level, from both a descriptive and SEO standpoint, helping bring the brand to life. She helped me generate stronger SEO results, clearer web copy and better consistency across my marketing materials. She works quickly, is reliable, and most importantly produces fantastic work that has led to better storytelling and promotion for my store, INA + ILIA.

— Christina Thelin, Founder of INA + ILIA

parm manhas zafira rajan.jpg

"An absolute genius and copy authority."

I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I purchased Zafira's Copy Cleanse, other than I wanted her to look at my website to ensure my message was being communicated clearly to my target client. I was amazed by how much work she had done prior to the call, based on my answers to a questionnaire she sent before we met. The tweaks and changes she recommended were spot on and have allowed me to finally tell my audience what it is I do! She gave me options in case a tagline or phrase wasn't resonating, and offered advice on how to word my services so clients would actually read it instead of skipping over. I now have so much to work with, in case I decide to change something in the future.

She has an uncanny gift for pulling a website together just by tweaking the existing copy, offering new taglines and story ideas. She absolutely gets the online world and knows how to navigate you through it. Most of all, she taught me how to think like my client and write my copy with their lifestyle and desires in mind. Zafira, you are an absolute genius and definitely a copy authority - I didn't want to get off the call with you! Thank you so much - I will be booking with you again!

— Parm Manhas, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Therapeutic Natural Chef

kate bagoy zafira rajan

"A stellar copywriter that gets results, fast."

As an early-stage (& mostly solo) entrepreneur, I'm constantly creating copy and shipping landing pages before they are ready. It's important to move quickly, but it's even more important to ensure quality copy. I hired Zafira to come in at the last minute and review my sales funnel before a particularly big launch. She jumped right in and really made my copy shine! Not only did she find a number of content errors, but she gave me some fresh new ideas that have increased my overall conversion rate and definitely increased my confidence. I look forward to working with Zafira again in the future - she is a stellar copywriter and gets results, fast.

— Kate Bagoy, Business Coach & Founder of Six Figure Freelancers

agustin del vento zafira rajan

"An expert communicator who knows what works."

Zafira brings an awesome, positive energy to every project - she is a people person, and connects on a level that everyone can appreciate. She is quick, smart, and clear when expressing her ideas and completing tasks. We believe that being easy to work with is key in making clients happy, and she is definitely easy to work with. Our agency has leveraged Zafira's services to roll out complex organizational changes and our clients - some of British Columbia's most prestigious companies - have truly enjoyed working with her.

Zafira has added incredible value in our client's project and to our company. She is on top of industry trends and knows what works! She shows up with a go-getter attitude, brings ideas to the table, is reliable and consistent, and delivers excellent work. She is an expert communicator and relationship builder - we hope to continue to work with her!

—  Agustin & Morgan Del Vento, Change Champions Consulting Inc.

will woods zafira rajan

"Impressed with her project management skills."

Zafira did a wonderful job spearheading our media outreach project for our new product. She drafted the media release, reached out to local media, built our email campaign and assisted in branding, image and copy choices for the product launch. Impressed with her project management skills in particular - she kept everyone on track and everything was accomplished on time. Thanks Zafira!

— Will Woods, Vancouver Mysteries

— Conny Millard,  The Business Sanctuary

"Her execution is reliable and thorough."

Zafira is highly organized and confident in taking the lead on content development and strategy. Her work ensured my company was held to a higher standard of delivery with consistent turn-around. Her ideas were sound and helped to add new strategies to the marketing plan. Her execution is reliable and thorough. She is an excellent, outsourced marketing communications team member for any savvy business looking to grow to the next level with confidence and professionalism. 

Conny Millard, The Business Sanctuary

benjamin jelsma zafira rajan

“We are so fortunate to have Zafira on our team.”

Skin Solutions Dermatology was ready to come into the 21st century with a sleek website, great content and active social media. Zafira reached out to us in 2014 to spearhead this process and has been working with us ever since. She eloquently authors our blogs, manages our social media accounts and ensures our online reputation is outstanding.

At first hesitant to hire an independent contractor out of the country, Zafira has proven how easy it is to effectively communicate long distance. She carefully orchestrated organizational methods to ensure we are on the same page and all her work is completed on time. We are so fortunate to have someone so knowledgeable in blogging and social media marketing on our team. I would whole-heartedly recommend Zafira as someone who can propel digital communications for any organization forward.

Benjamin Jelsma, Skin Solutions Dermatology

emmy trinh zafira rajan

"Challenges the status quo."

Zafira was very easy to work with, and willing to take suggestions or compromise. I wasn't sure if marketing was a good investment, but it was and proved that social media was imperative to my marketing efforts. Zafira is very professional, constantly learning, challenges the status quo and takes initiative.

 — Emmy Trinh, Emmy Trinh Jewelry