You seriously care about your customers, and you've got a truly brilliant gift to give back to the world.

You're probably a conscious coach, health or wellness entrepreneur - or simply committed to helping others lead happier, healthier lives with joy and purpose.

The only problem is, you don't quite have the words to get in front of the right people.

Chances are, I do.

Hey. I'm Zafira.

Owner of several hundred books. Mom to a labrahusky and ever-growing collection of tropical plants. Excellent gift-giver. Crystal hoarder.

And a natural wordsmith with insight and precision that will make you giddily jump up and down, saying "that's IT!" when my copy arrives in your hands.

Oh, and my clients often tell me that I'm...


"a Copy authority. Easy to work with. creative genius."



And your next brainstorming partner, biggest supporter and intuitive guide to finding your inner voice.

There's nothing I love more than telling you to close your eyes and sit back while I bring your vision to life - values, soul and personality intact.

With so many entrepreneurs dominating the wellness space, you need a creative expert to come in and help you carve out room for yourself that lets you shine, and feels authentic to who YOU are.

Whether you need a quick tune-up for your copy, a sales page that converts or a brand messaging guide to help you hit the ground running, we'll make it happen.

Because while you're here to do good on the earth and for your people, you gotta make a living too, right?

I get it. And I sense that now is the time to let the REAL you shine through your words and online brand.

need more convincing? ask my people.

"Don't hire Zafira. I want her all to myself. Okay, seriously though - hire Zafira if you want a creative strategist who gets the vision behind your project and can execute at any level, including brand messaging, conversion copy, and creative direction. Zafira's got it all: the brains, the writing chops, and the professionalism. She's a creative genius in my opinion, and I know she'll be famous in a year or less. She's the full package - and one of the best collaborators I've ever worked with. Clients should hire her just to access her brain! Her writing chops, creativity, and design experience are bonuses."

— Kira Hug, Kira Hug Media, Inc.

parm manhas zafira rajan

"Zafira has an uncanny gift for pulling a website together just by tweaking the existing copy, offering new taglines and story ideas. Everything she recommended was spot on and allowed me to finally tell my audience what it is I do! She absolutely gets the online world and knows how to navigate you through it. Most of all, she taught me how to think like my client and write my copy with their lifestyle and desires in mind. Zafira, you are an absolute genius and definitely a copy authority!"

— Parm Manhas, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

ready to make magic together?

If you're still here, it's time to *finally* make the leap to invest in quality copy and brand strategy to get it done, like yesterday.

Avec moi. I can't wait to meet you already.