Ever stared blankly at a screen, waiting for the right words to come to you?

I know. Writer's block is the worst.

Guess what? You don't have to do it all. You just have to get the job done. So - stop wasting time saving Untitled documents, and let's get better acquainted.

I’m Zafira, a copywriter and brand messaging strategist based in Vancouver, Canada (but I’ve left roots in Kenya and a bit of my heart in Sweden).

When I'm not buying plants, I’ve usually got my nose in a book (my parents never knew when I was home, because I was always reading quietly in a cozy corner. More often than not, a battered copy of Harry Potter), and that means I’m not afraid to dig deep to read into your business and find the perfect solution for your copywriting and brand messaging needs. Think Hermione-at-the-library mode.  

And like discovering a rare book (or finally learning how to say Wingardium Levi-o-sa), I know that finding the right fit for your brand voice takes a lot of time and waiting around. Especially when…

… No other copywriter just gets you. You're losing your mind managing multiple contractors. Some are good, and some just... Aren't.

Oh, and things just seem to fall off the side of your desk - all the time.

Like that About page you’ve dreaded writing, an email sequence to nurture your audience or overhauling your web content to reflect your new brand. What about that course launch that was supposed to take off a few months ago? 

Come to think of it, aren't you still working on creating that digital product with no concrete launch plan?

Let’s fix that.

From corporations to universities and conscious entrepreneurs, I’ve seen it all: no matter how many resources you have, sometimes you just need someone else with all the skills (copywriting, brand messaging and launches are my wholewheat bread and grass-fed butter) who knows what they're doing to come in and wear your voice like a oh-so-silky-soft skin that fits right. Kind of like how Daenerys uses her dragons in Game of Thrones, when everyone else is being super inefficient. 

Just one person (or dragon – your choice) can be more effective than an entire army of multiple so-so contractors.

As your new business bestie, I get the birds-eye view from the top when it comes to everything around your marketing – and that’s the perspective you didn’t realize you needed. Lucky for you, I’m obsessed with tackling all the loose ends I spot, instead of just a few (AKA overdelivering is the norm when we collaborate).

When it comes to your copy, there’s nothing scarier than handing over the reins to someone to, well, distill your personality into words that catch your vibe.

I get it.

Look no further than what I’ve done for my crazy cool clients – I’m best known for delivering high-quality copy and brand messaging that makes your prospects feel like they want to be in your inner circle… All within a timeline and budget that works for you.

Mission accomplished.

So, if you’ve ever thought….

  • I can talk about my services like a pro, but writing about it? UGH.

  • I really need to get started on that sales page for my course launch…

  • This brand messaging thing sounds like it would totally help me write my own copy with clarity…

  • Email sequences are important, right?

  • How the heck does this launch funnel stuff work??

I’m here to put you at ease.

My clients know I keep them on track and get the job done – want to be next?

Don’t put that project off any longer. Let’s chat to find out how we can work together!